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Need a time out or looking for a punishment or a new bondage Idea? Sometimes standing in the corner is the only right choice.

CornerTime can help you with that and give you more than 20 handwritten tasks while keeping track of time without showing it to you. Only when the pose can be held for the entire time, the sound will be heard. If the remaining time isn’t known, the effect of the punishment can be increased.

If the pose cannot be held, a penalty is executed that can be adjusted by the user.

Connect you Smart Sex Toy to Motivate you or Punish yourself when you can stand still or move. Bondage will be soooo much better!

Want to know if your Toy is supported? Check outĀ IoST Index.
You need a XToys Account to connect your Toy. A detailed Tutorial is availableĀ here.

You have a new Task idea? Write them in the Comment Section!
New Tasks coming soon!

The tasks are automatically mixed with the poses to avoid identical scenarios.


  • Over 20 hand written and tested Tasks
  • Activate Punishments if failed
  • Device Sensor detects Movement
  • XToys Connection
  • Plus Version:
    • Custom Time
    • Custom Sounds
    • Custom Punishments