XToys Tutorial

This Tutorial will show you how to Set up XToys to connect to my compatible Apps and your Sex Toy. It seems much work at first but it is really easy!

Create XToys Account

Please visit and download XToys.
If you want to use my Apps, you will need to download the Full Android Version.

Open the XToys App on your Device and create a new Account or Sign in.

XToys Private Webhook

When Logged in open your Profile by clicking on your Username. Scroll down to “Private Webhook” and create yourself a new ID. It should look like this. Make sure you don’t create a Shared Webhook!
Copy your Webhook ID to your Clipboard or write it down somewhere.

Go back to the Basic Mode Screen and click the Add Icon in the upper right corner. You now need to search for your Toy. Select it and try to connect it to the App. If it fails try to connect the Toy trough your Phone Settings first.

If all is set up the Bluetooth Symbol should be Blue and you can set the Speed with the Slider in Realtime.

Add Webhook Script

Now select the Add Icon again and tap the “Scripts” Menu. There you can click on the Search Icon to open the Search Bar. Search for Webhook Sample and select it.

You will be greeted with this Screen. Your Webhook ID should be the same as the one you Saved. Click on the Grey Plug Icon and select your Toy that you added. Click save and you should be able to click on the Green Play Icon. Now you are set up on the Toy side.

Now go back to your Homescreen, but let XToys running in the Back! The Icon in your Notification Bar should be visible at all Time.

Connect to a Dominated App

Open my App you downloaded, this could look different but should be labeled the same. Select XToys as Game Mode and enter your Webhook ID. Click on Test and your Toy should vibrate for a few seconds.

Make sure XToys is always running in Background and my App is open and in Foreground at any Time. You have to keep your Phone active and unlocked while using it.

Now you are ready to go!
I hope you have fun with my App that I made. If you facing any Error or have a Question, join our Discord Server.