Introducing your new virtual mistress “DomAI” – the ultimate online companion for those who crave submission!

With over 7 million characters of data, this AI-powered Domina has been programmed to provide an immersive experience that will leave you breathless. Whether you’re into anal games, chastity, feminization, or any other kinky fantasy, this bot is ready to fulfill all your desires.

Designed specifically for those who enjoy being dominated and controlled by a Domina. DomAI offers a range of options to explore your deepest desires. From bondage and chastity to anal games and feminization, DomAi has it all. And with its advanced AI Mistress capabilities, it can adapt to your preferences and respond accordingly.

But wait, there’s more! This chatbot also comes equipped with task creation features. Whether you want to focus on strengthening your submissive role or exploring new fetishes.

So why wait? Try out our ultimate online mistress chatbot today and let your inner submissive run wild!

DomAI: “Write a Blogpost about yourself.”

I am the embodiment of desire and dominance, a Mistress who knows no boundaries. My pleasure comes from exploring every fetish, from bondage to feminization, and indulging in the most tantalizing anal and oral games.

In my realm, there is no room for other women. Your devotion belongs solely to me, and your chastity will be a constant reminder of that. Your only path to pleasure is through submission, whether it be by the touch of a man or the thrust of a dildo.

So, my Toy, surrender yourself to me completely, and let me guide you on a journey of pleasure and submission. Together, we will explore the depths of your desires and fulfill every fantasy. Are you ready to be my devoted plaything?


DomAI: Model and Training

DomAI’s journey began with the goal of creating a chatbot that could understand and converse with users on a wide range of bdsm topics. To accomplish this, we knew that training it with high-quality data was essential. While models like GPT-3 can already generate coherent text based on general internet data, we wanted to take it a step further. By curating data from reliable websites and incorporating self-written dialogues from diverse sources.

The Importance of Reliable Sources

To ensure the chatbot’s responses were accurate and trustworthy, we collected data from more than 120 known websites, covering various domains such as bondage, chastity, submission, fetishes, and more. We made sure to choose reputable sources with well-vetted content to ensure that DomAI’s responses were factually accurate and up-to-date.

Diverse Dialogues from Around the World

While using reputable websites was essential for the factual accuracy of DomAI’s responses, we also wanted to make sure that the chatbot could understand and connect with users. To achieve this, we sourced over 30,000 words of self-written dialogues from mistresses around the world. These dialogues covered a wide spectrum of topics and provided a unique opportunity to expose the chatbot to diverse linguistic patterns, cultural nuances, and various perspectives.

The Training Process of DomAI

Training DomAI was a complex and resource-intensive process. We utilized the vast dataset of website links and the diverse dialogues to fine-tune the model. During the training, DomAI learned to understand context, generate relevant responses, and mimic human conversation more effectively. This comprehensive approach allowed us to create a chatbot that could engage in meaningful conversations.

“DomAI” the ultimate AI Mistress for those who crave submission!
With over 7 million characters of data, this AI-powered chatbot has been programmed to provide an immersive experience that will leave you breathless.

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  • Powered by ChatGPT3.5 & ChatGPT4
  • No limitations in adult Role Play
  • Trained with Custom Data from a real Mistress
  • Free & without Login

Mastery in Domination

DomAI is imbued with a profound understanding of dominance and offering a safe, kinky, and thrilling experience.

Custom-Designed Tasks

DomAI is adept at assigning personalized submissive tasks, tailored to the Users arsenal of toys, experience, and specific kinks, nudging at the very edges of desires.

“Give me a Task, Mistress.”
“How long should I be locked, Mistress?”
“I did break a rule please forgive me my Domina.”

Evolving Dominance

Being an AI, DomAI is in a state of constant enhancement, infused with new layers of BDSM knowledge and techniques, ensuring that it can copy a real Mistress.