Scan all your Tags to get unlocked. Take a Picture and add your Tags with a custom Name and Number. There are multiple Game Modes to play and discover. RFID Lock yourself in Self-Bondage, High Heels or Foot Mittens and try to scan all the Tags!

If the RFID Lock app is used for self-bondage or chastity, make sure you have a backup at all times. The created image is only stored on your device and can be lost due to possible failures of the system.

Compatible Tags:

  • RFID Mifare Classic/Ultralight Tags
  • NFC Tags (Needs Setup)

About this Game:

  • Add up to 255 Tags
  • Sort after number or Shuffle
  • Picture is saved invisible
  • Plus Version:
    • Maximum Time between Tags
    • Repeat Procedure
    • Blind Mode