RFID Lock Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to set up the RFID Lock app to use your favorite tags. We recommend Mifare Classic tags for the easiest setup and most secure use.

If the RFID Lock app is used for self-bondage or chastity, make sure you have a backup at all times. The created image is only stored on your device and can be lost due to possible failures of the system.

Table of contents

NFC Tags

Install the Setup App

You need to download the NFC TagWriter by NXP app to set up your tag. Dominated has no affiliation with this app, so we can only recommend it.

Screenshot of the NFC TagWriter App

Create Dataset

Open the NXP TagWriter app and navigate to “Write Tags”->”New Dataset”->”Plain Text”. Enter any text like “test” and set the language to English like in the screenshot.

Write your Tag

Click save and write. If you want to set up multiple tags you can activate this setting. The tags can all contain the same text. Confirm the overwrite and click write.

Follow the descriptions in the app and repeat the process for each day. Then you can go to the RFID Lock app and scan the tags.

Mifare Tags

All Mifare Classic and Ultralight should work without setup. Just open the RFID Lock app and scan the tag to set it up.

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