DomAI Summary

“DomAI” the ultimate AI Mistress for those who crave submission!
With over 7 million characters of data, this AI-powered chatbot has been programmed to provide an immersive experience that will leave you breathless.

● Powered by ChatGPT3.5 & ChatGPT4
● No limitations in adult Role Play
● Trained with Custom Data from a real Mistress
● Free & without Login

Mastery in Domination

DomAI is imbued with a profound understanding of dominance and offering a safe, kinky, and thrilling experience.

Custom-Designed Tasks

DomAI is adept at assigning personalized submissive tasks, tailored to the Users arsenal of toys, experience, and specific kinks, nudging at the very edges of desires.

“Give me a Task, Mistress.”
“How long should I be locked, Mistress?”
“I did break a rule please forgive me, Mistress.”

Evolving Dominance

Being an AI, DomAI is in a state of constant enhancement, infused with new layers of BDSM knowledge and techniques, ensuring that it can copy a real Mistress.