DomTask is the Flagship App of Dominated. After four Years of Development we finally can present our kinky Community the App that they waited for. We wanted to reinvent the Adult and Fetish Social Media Business for everyone. A safe Place for any Kink and preference.

Unlike popular social media apps, we wanted to develop our app from the ground up for adults and fetishes.

The Beginning of Dominated

The then sole developer, known as ProjectF, got the idea for a fetish app from the adult game “Fetish Locator“. He had never had any contact with Android app development, so the first app was just a concept.

However, more and more users became aware of Project Fetish and the servers became unstable. Further development of this app was almost impossible and so a new version was developed with the new experience and ideas.

Creation of DomTask

Two years after the release of “Dominated Community” the second app of Dominated we focused more and more on other games and tools for adults and fetishes. This allowed us to learn more and more about Kinky Community and now we come back to our original idea.

Along the way, the company formed around Dominated, including new goals and ideas. So it came to the start of the development of DomTask in 2021. An adult app that specializes in Kinks and connects the community.

What is DomTask?

In DomTask every week a new photo task appears that can be completed by the users. These images are evaluated and accordingly receives a point score. At the end of the week the winner is determined.

This will help you discover and try new fetishes. Exchange information about the Weekly Task in the Public Chat Room or chat with a user directly.

You are not interested in this week’s task at all? No problem! Just upload your photo in the ExposeMe section and show everyone how you live out your fetishes in DomTask.

You can even share your sex life with other users by connecting your Bluetooth love toy to XToys and joining the real-time chat room. You can then pleasure each other while chatting.

Get DomTask

DomTask is not yet available to the public. However, if you want to join already you can join the DomTask Beta for Android. A Web Version is planed.

This has different reasons, but first the stability of the app and server in the foreground, which must first be tested with few users. You can get more information in our Discord server or here on Dominated.